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Romantically Apocalyptic

Engie and Butler on the Moon - Dyson shell

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"....The bizarre, contorted thing I was seeing was the exposed shell of the Dyson sphere.
Now visible in all its majesty, the network of tunnels and mechanisms went infinitely all directions. Some tunnels vanished into the shadows, and others shone as if lit from within by cyclopean furnaces. Electrical storms raged on top of skyscraper-sized engines. Lightning crackled from one gargantuan piece of machinery to another with distant rumbles. Tremendous waterfalls burst from cracks in the colossal pipes and cascaded down for over a mile, dispersing into rainfall by the time they reached the ground."

Engie takes it all in.

Vinyl Canvas: 24x36 inch, limited edition, signed print. Also, it's waterproof.



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